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“You’ve Got Mail” Voice-over Guy Still Looking For Work

HOLLYWOOD, CA—It’s being reported that the famous “You’ve Got Mail” voice-over guy is still looking for work. Apparently, he’s been looking for work ever since THAT job. Sources say he’d been type cast as someone who can only say “You’ve Got Mail”. This has made it extremely difficult to get other voice-over jobs. He came close after auditioning for a commercial where he had to say “You’ve Got Birds”; but didn’t end up getting the part.

He thought he finally caught his big break when he sent in a tape to the “Got Milk” people; but they just sent a letter back saying, “we’re all set”. Up until last week he worked part time passing out free cheese samples at various lactose intolerant clinics. He got fired when he screamed, “you’ve got cheese” over and over at an elderly woman until she called security.

HippoThoughts managed to get the following statement from him below:

“You’ve Got Hippos”

He didn’t quite answer the questions asked, but boy was it a thrill to hear that.

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