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Woman Understands Point Before Boss Is Finished Explaining

BOULDER, CO—Continuing to nod politely, local employee Sarah Nash told her boss she completely understood his point. But that didn’t stop him from continuing to explain it. Nash went on to say that after she told her boss she understood his point he replied with, “You see, Sarah, our products will never be best in class. So right now we just need to focus on producing more of them.” When Nash said yet again that she agreed with him, he reportedly continued on for a total of two minutes explaining why they should be focusing on quantity over quality. His full statement after she told him twice she understood is below:

“Yeah exactly. You have to think about it like this, if we spend all our money making our products better, sure people will enjoy them more, but what about us? Where’s the return on that? You always have to think about our bottom line. Before making any decision in this business always ask yourself, ‘does this make the consumer happier at the expense of the company?’. If the answer is yes, don’t do it. Glad we had this chat. Let’s move on to illegal activities. What can we do this month?”

Nash, who is the company’s Quality Assurance executive, has gotten several complaints about the products the company sells. Apparently they are “cheap pieces of crap that my dog always chokes and dies on”. Or so Nash is told. Nash has worked very hard to try and improve the products. Unfortunately the company’s motto is, “Sell More, Who Cares”.  Along with the motto, and the thorough explanation from her boss, Nash FINALLY understands her company is an ass.

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