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Woman Gets Herself Into Game Of Pooping Chicken In Work Bathroom

PROVIDENCE, RI—Linda Landerson recently got herself into a small pickle at work. Or a big pickle, depending on what she ate that day. She works in an alumni office for the local university and faces the daily problem of having to poop at work.

Every Monday and Friday at 3:36pm Linda goes to the bathroom to poop. And every Tuesday and Thursday at 2:48pm Linda goes to the bathroom to poop. Linda does not poop on Wednesdays. She has never encountered anyone else in the bathroom at these times and on these days. But on this Tuesday afternoon things changed.

A new girl (who’s name we do not know) had just started that week and she was in the stall when Linda walked in. Linda had to then wait until new girl left the bathroom so she could poop in peace. However, it seemed new girl was also waiting for Linda to leave so she could poop in peace! All of a sudden she was locked in a battle of pooping chicken she wasn’t prepared for when she woke up that morning.

Linda tapped her foot, new girl did not budge. So she watched videos on her phone, new girl still didn’t move. She eventually gave up and started banging on the stall door, but new girl remained unaffected. That was it for Linda. She pulled up her capris khakis in a rage, and ripped the stall door apart!

It was then that Linda found out new girl has a condition that makes her pass out when she poops. She was asleep hours before Linda even got to the bathroom.

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