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Woman Buys Third Bra For Some Reason

ST. CLOUD, MN — Pondering over the bra section in a local Gap Body, St. Cloud resident Marlee Olson was getting ready to buy a third bra, for some reason. It’s been reported that Olson already has two bras at home that work perfectly fine. Which means after Olson buys this bra, for some reason, she will have three bras available for use.

The other local residents of St. Cloud can’t seem to figure out why she is buying another bra when she already has two at home. “Marlee’s lost it. I have two bras. I can’t even fathom what I would do with a third. What would I use it for? Seriously , what!?”,  said a source close to Olson.

Witnesses say they saw Olson go up to the register and, for some reason, hand the cashier her soon to be third bra. The cashier could tell this was Olson’s third bra and even gave her the opportunity to correct her mistake. “Are you sure you want to buy this, don’t you already have two?”, said the cashier. But witnesses went on to say Olson nodded her head and proceeded with the purchase. For some reason.

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