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Ticket Mixup Prompts Airline To Eject Unaccompanied Minor From Plane Mid-Flight

THE SKY—After realizing he got on the wrong flight, minor Jake Brooks was ejected from the plane… mid-air. Jake was supposed to be flying to London with his family for vacation. However, the family was late getting to the airport. During all the commotion, Jake got separated and accidentally got on the wrong flight. The airline for some reason allowed Jake to walk on a flight for which he did not have a boarding pass. “He looked like any ordinary unaccompanied minor. He told me his dad was on this flight; what was I supposed to do? Check his boarding pass and cause a flight delay? No thanks, not on my watch!”, said one flight attendant who was on board. Once the crew realized Jake was on the wrong flight they had no choice but to eject him. Here’s a statement from one of the passengers:

“When the kid told me he was flying to London I knew something was up. The flight we were on was headed to New York. It hit me that he was not supposed to be on this flight. So of course I complained; if the airline had done it’s job I would had an empty seat to put my things on. I was livid. This is when the airline finally took action.”

The passenger’s statement is consistent with the airline’s statement below:

“We have a responsibility to serve our customers who have the right boarding pass. That man wanted an empty seat to put his things on and the child who was in said seat was on the wrong flight. We knew we had to eject Mr. Brooks at once.”

When asked if they worried about the child after the ejection, they had this to say:

“Look, it’s better than the kid wandering around New York City alone! You can never be too careful.”

Other passengers on the flight seemed not to notice when the minor was ejected. They claimed to be used to these, as they described, “airline shenanigans”.

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