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Sweet Old Woman Waits For Walk Sign Even Though No Cars Coming

CHICAGO, IL—Waiting at the cross-walk for what can only be described as 26 seconds, Glenda Sanders, 71, taught us all a lesson in the art of being foolish. Glenda was walking home from Geriatric Pool Night at the local community center this past weekend when she came to a cross-walk. “I came to the cross-walk and stood next to a nice fellow with a wool hat. He had a smile like the movies,” said Glenda about the cross-walk. HippoThoughts, being first on the scene, caught up with the mystery wool hat wearing man and got the following statement:

“I’ve never worn a wool hat in my life.”

It’s hard not to notice how his statement directly contradicts with Glenda’s. Furthermore, other witnesses at the scene told reporters Glenda waited for the walk sign even though there were no cars in sight. “Yeah, we didn’t have a walk sign… but there were no cars in sight. It was perfectly safe to cross but she just stood there. It was eerie to say the least,” said one witness. No word on what kind of hat that witness was wearing as of yet. When the walk sign appeared, Glenda crossed the street and got hit by a car running a red light. Doctors say she’s going to make it. Great news for Glenda and her loved ones.


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