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Starbucks Employee Goes On Power Trip Only Letting Customers Use Restroom

BELLEVUE, WA—Reports are rolling in about a Starbucks employee going on an insane power trip. After a small promotion, Chester Brooks, 19, has started enforcing the Customers Only rule for the restroom. Brooks is reportedly taking his job way more seriously after being promoted to shift manager. However, his co-workers seem to think the newly found power has gone to his head. The following is a statement from Chester’s co-worker:

“Chester is out of control. He never used to care about the Customer Only bathroom rule. But now he stands at the bathroom door like a god damn bouncer, only letting in people he personally has seen buying something. The guy is high on authority!”

Furthermore, there have been several witnesses who saw Chester scream at what he called a “Textbook Con Artist” for 5 minutes until she peed her pants. According to Bellevue records, the Starbucks Chester works at is near a lot of water fountains, but no public restrooms. Which makes his recent behavior all the more troubling.

According to Chester’s boss, the actual owner of the Starbucks, he never instructed Chester to beef up bathroom security. He claims this is just Chester taking initiative, and he is more than pleased. Chester not only makes sure “outsiders” aren’t using their restroom, he also cleans their urine off the floor. It has been proven that rejection from a bathroom is the number one cause of losing control of your bladder.

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