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Song Stuck In Head Not Happy To Be There Either

TAMPA, FL—After being played at a local Tampa restaurant, Third Eye Blind’s Jumper ended up getting stuck in a Tampa local’s head and the tune was not happy about it. It didn’t even want to be played at that restaurant, which featured a 4th eye being blind. Unfortunately for everyone, the restaurant manager is a huge fan of the line “I wish you would step back from that ledge my friend”, and wanted to hear it.

Tampa local Maryanne Guzenberg started innocently singing along; something all her friends warned her against. Before she knew it the song had ended 2 hours ago and she was still singing. She was shocked to learn the song became stuck in her head. “I was shocked to learn the song became stuck in my head. What the hell is wrong with that song, anyway. The nerve thinking it can just hang out in my head and then get itself stuck” Maryanne exclaimed. However, Third Eye Blind’s Jumper was singing… a different tune.

“She thinks I wanted to be stuck in her head?! Of all heads? No thank you, Maryanne. Her brain is stickier than other brains! She has a sticky brain, okay. My notes got stuck and I couldn’t get out. I was not happy to be there either!”

HippoThoughts investigators determined that Third Eye Blind’s Jumper was not happy to be there either. Something Maryanne refused to discuss further. She continued to insist it was all the song’s fault, failing to see her own sticky brain shortcomings.


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