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Non-Sports Fan Always Forced To Ask If Co-Worker “Caught The Game Last Night”


STAMFORD, CT—Gary Bricks of Stamford Ct, works at a small gas scheduling company by day. By night he doesn’t work there, as his office only requires a 9-5 work schedule. Small talk is not Gary’s strong suit. (He thinks it should be called tiny talk and is in motion to start a social media platform named as such.) He’s also not much for sports and doesn’t watch it on TV. Yet, every morning when Gary gets in the company elevator with other co-workers, he asks “hey you catch the game last night?” because the awkward silence is too much for him to bare.

There was even one horrible morning with absolutely no sports game the night before. Not even the badminton semi-finals, due to inclement weather. Still, Gary took a shot and asked his co-worker “hey you catch the game last night?” to which he replied, “what was that, Gary?” to which Gary panicked. He ran out of the elevator and never looked back. The co-worker, however, simply just didn’t hear him. He’ll always wonder what Gary asked.

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