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New York Woman Dumbfounded After Stranger Acknowledges Her

hippoNEW YORK, NY—Sally Simmons, 28, was walking down 5th avenue this morning thinking about the buildings, or whatever New Yorkers think about. Staring straight down as usual, ignoring all others who walked beside her, she came to a cross walk. She looked up from her new iPhone 7 and made brief eye contact with a stranger walking towards her. To her complete and utter disdain, not only did this stranger not quickly look away, but actually responded to their brief eye contact with “Good morning!”

What just happened to her? And what was that person doing? More importantly, what did that person want with Sally? She rushed to the library and grabbed every book on general pleasantries she could find. When she made her way home, she read each book cover to cover until the sun came up, went down, and came back up again. So about two days? We are not really sure.

We sent a Hippo Thoughts correspondent to check in on her and get a statement. However, the place was a war zone. Books scattered around the apartment, coffee spilled everywhere, Sally passed out in a pool of her own urine. Our correspondent found one last book laying across her chest. It read: “How to defeat strangers.” Seemingly the last book Sally needed to declare herself victorious.

As for the person who waved, we hope they will think about what they have done.



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