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New Study Finds 76% Of Co-Workers Take Back Apologies In Their Head

UNITED STATES—A new study done at the very prestigious Pickled State University found that 76% of your co-workers took back their apology to you in their head. The University which is in Morgantown, West Virginia, is in a constant state of being pickled. Nonetheless, they are always conducting new studies that definitely yield results. Their most recent apology study asked a pool of 23 co-workers from offices all around the block. They found that 17.48 of them admitted that when they apologize to a co-worker they almost always immediately take it back in their head.

Scenarios in which they take back apologies:

1) Sending a delayed response

2) Sending an email to the wrong person

3) Sending an email but forgetting to cc someone on it

4) Being in the way of the office water cooler

5) Being in the way of the office microwave

6) Being in the way of the office bathroom

7) Being in the way of the office printer

8) Dropping the ball and losing the company 4.6 million dollars in 2 hours

Furthermore, the same group of co-workers also think the things they say “thanks” to are completely unnecessary.

Scenarios in which they think a “thanks” is not necessary:

1) Sending a quick response

2) Participating in a meeting

3) Doing the bare minimum that your job requires

4) Picking up and bailing out your boss’s child from prison on drunk and disorderly conduct charges

All in all, this study has shed a lot of light on what it’s like working in an office.


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