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Nation Sent to Room After Not Listening to Beyonce

USA—It was reported on Tuesday night that the nation has been sent to it’s room after not listening to Beyonce. Last Friday night Beyonce gave the nation specific instruction, to which the nation was defiant. The nation seems to be going through that difficult phase all nations go through at least once in their nationhood.

As of now, the nation is still in it’s room thinking about what it has done. Going forward, all we can hope for the nation is that they take a nice, long four years in their room to come to their senses next time Beyonce asks them to do something. Everyone here at HippoThoughts hopes this is the case.

Such a nasty nation.

One thought on “Nation Sent to Room After Not Listening to Beyonce

  1. Nation…I will always love you but I do not like you very much right now. I’m very disappointed in you.
    ~Your Mother

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