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Mom Feels Young Again After Texting “lol” For First Time


FARGO, ND—Joan Wilders, mother of three, is what most would describe as “a cool mom”. She often tries her best efforts to relate to her kids and gain access to their social gatherings. However, considering her kids don’t allow her to their social gatherings, she spends most of her Friday nights googling ways to gain their acceptance. One Friday night she read that the term “lol” means “laughing out loud”. This was news to her, as she always thought it meant “Lots of love”. Since Joan is a cool mom, she would never send “lots of love” to her kids. But now, everything has changed.

One afternoon, she was casually texting her daughter about how the family dog’s ear infection has improved. Just then she took an opportunity to text a very poorly written joke. But that wasn’t enough for Wilders. No, that wasn’t enough for Wilders at all. Her daughter then received a text immediately after the joke, which read “lol.” Wilders’ daughter knew right away this was a poor attempt to relate to her. Joan, however, was on the other side of this text feeling like she nailed it.

“I’ve never felt this young and relatable in my entire life”

Take note of the direct quote we got from Wilders, above. Now take note of the screenshot we obtained below:


Well….there it is.

One thought on “Mom Feels Young Again After Texting “lol” For First Time

  1. I am a cool mom…and I do love you lots…and as such I would like to be invited to the next party. That would be “lol” from my daughter if I was! (lots of love that is!)

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