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Millennials Ironically Order Pizza For Friendsgiving Meal


BROOKLYN, NY—A group of friends gathered in Brooklyn over the weekend for an annual Friendsgiving. If you are not aware what the hell a “Friendsgiving” is, let us explain. We researched this topic for several seconds on the internet and came up with this definition:

friendsgiving. Noun. (uncountable) A Thanksgiving feast held by and for someone’s friends.

So Jenny, 26, gathered her group of like-minded 20-something friends at her apartment for the festivities. Jenny asked each guest to bring an item of food since she didn’t plan on cooking, as the host never should. However, at this friendsgiving, they all showed up empty handed. “This wasn’t your typical friendsgiving” friendsgiving guest Brad, 25, mentioned. Woah, sounds edgy. After some further digging, we discovered that the friends ended up ordering a pizza instead of bringing traditional Thanksgiving food! How progressive and open-minded of them! They are truly defying all social norms of what a Friendsgiving should be.

When asked why, Brad had this to say:

“Well, it’s kind of funny actually. We realized when Jenny made the Facebook event that none of us were prolly tryna cook. We were all gonna get together to cook, but then decided not to. I mean we are 20-somethings living in the greatest city in the world. We don’t have time to cook. When everyone showed up with no food and no plan, someone joked that we should just order pizza. You only live once, for an average of 70 or so years, so why not!”

We at HippoThoughts aren’t sure what exactly is funny, but we still wish this group of daredevils all the best! We also wanted to give a special shout-out to Joel, who didn’t get the memo and still showed up with a dented can of cranberry sauce.



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