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How To Meet The Co-Worker You’ve Been Making Eye Contact With


1) Leave a bouquet of water coolers on their desk to remind them of the time you made eye contact by the water cooler. They’ll know it’s from you and have to come over and say thank you.

2) If you haven’t figured out their name yet, secretly murder their desk-mate and set them up for it. When the cops show up to interrogate them, make sure to eavesdrop and learn their first and last name. That way you can email them and ask them out!

3) Send a rabid moose throughout the office so you can show off all the hard work you’ve been putting in your rabid moose catching classes. That will definitely impress them! They’ll have to talk to you then.

4) Put a poisonous jelly bean in the jelly bean jar. That way when they go to the jar to get a jelly bean you can yell, “Stop! One of those is poisonous.” They’ll be so grateful you saved them, they’ll for sure ask you to drinks.

5) Stuff you pants with rotting eggs so when you walk by their desk, they’ll ask, “what’s that horrible smell?” to which you’ll reply, “I don’t know, smells like eggs”. That will surely get a conversation flowing.

There you have it. Five fool-proof tips on how to meet the co-worker you’ve been making eye contact with. These are the best tips HippoThoughts has to offer. So if none of them work, there may just be something wrong with you. Have you ever considered that??

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