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Man Unsuccessfully Summons Train By Staring In Direction It’s Coming From

hippo-conduct-2NYC, NY—On Nov 16th around 5:12pm a man did the impossible, unsuccessfully. He was standing on the 57th and 7th subway platform waiting for a train when it happened. Our sources tell us this subway station is located at the corner of 57th street and 7th avenue. It had been several minutes since he started waiting and the train was nowhere in sight. This is when the man decided to attempt the impossible. He walked over to the edge of the subway platform and crossed the yellow line. People began to stare since they all know, no one crosses the yellow line. The last person to cross that yellow line, well, let’s just say we don’t have any information about that.

Anyway, as we were reporting, the man leaned over the platform edge and started staring in the direction the train was set to come from. His goal was to summon the train right to him by staring harder and harder. People began to applaud.

“We were all so happy someone was finally doing something about this late train. God knows we weren’t gonna do anything. He was a real hero. Of course, the train didn’t end up coming for another 7 min. Which was consistent with the ETA on the board. But still, real hero.”

While the man’s efforts to summon the train were unsuccessful by simply looking in the direction it was coming from, we can all agree he’s a real go-getter.


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