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Man Treats Himself By Not Walking Up Escalator

hippoSACRAMENTO, CA—News broke in the California Capitol this week. Greg Sand, 47, decided not to walk up an escalator after a long day. Greg works in the local mall, and from what we gathered, absolutely loves it. However, this Tuesday was different. Greg was having a bad day, something about his smoothie falling on a child, and him having to witness it.

By the end of the day, Greg decided to treat himself in the best way. Heading for his car on the top floor, he walked to the escalator in the mall and stepped on. And then… did absolutely nothing. Other mall-goers got on and passed to his left, but Greg didn’t care. He took the whole escalator up to the top without moving a muscle. The escalator truly carried him up there without any effort from himself. We sat down with Gary to see how he felt afterwards:

“I usually walk up the escalator, but today I deserved more.”

Wow, so much detail. You can practically feel his energy through the statement.
Thank you, Greg, for sharing your story.

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