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Man Questions Age After BuzzFeed Quiz Yields Incorrect Results

hippoAMARILLO, TX—Tommy Gilders, 27, is a 27 year old man. All his life he knew on March 5th, 2016, he would turn 27. There was never any reason for Gilders to question his age. However, he recently took an online BuzzFeed quiz titled, “We can guess your age based on your preferences in cheese!”

Some of the questions were, “which cheese do you prefer?” or “what cheese would you put on a sandwich?” to which Gilders answered honestly. When the results were in, Gilders was shocked to learn that BuzzFeed said his age was actually 35. All his life he thought he was 27, but it turned out, he was 35. An early midlife crisis began, and he wondered what his friends did for him on his 30th birthday. He then checked his wallet to see if he had any pictures of a wife and kids, but saw nothing. Gilders was 35, alone, and up until now, he had no idea.

Gilders left work that day and immediately called his parents crying.

“How could you lie to me all these years?!”

Unfortunately, all his mom had to say was that he actually was 27. Now, Gilders began to question the results of the BuzzFeed quiz until, finally, going completely insane.

BREAKING: As of just now when our Hippo team was writing this article, our other Hippo team went to check on Gilders. He was rushed to the hospital after cutting off his leg and screaming “how many rings!?”

Our Hippo team will be checking in on Gilders every 3 weeks and 4 hours. Once he’s released from the hospital, of course. Stay tuned.

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