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Man Gives His Pants One Last Sniff Before Putting Them Back In Drawer

hippoAnn Arbor, MI—Arriving home after a night out, Brian Peters, 25, took off the black pants he had been wearing for only a short amount of time. Brian didn’t care for the khakis he had worn to work that day, claiming they are strictly his work pants. Which is why before he went out that evening, he opened his pants drawer, grabbed his black pants, and put those on instead.

Given this information, we estimate Brian had those pants on for approximately 5-7 hours, depending on how long he was out. Given the short amount of time he had them on he figured he could wear these pants again. This is when he held them up and gave them a sniff. To Brian’s satisfaction, the pants smelled fine. Like nothing really. Fine enough for Brian to confidently put them back in his drawer to wear again.

However, just when Brian was putting them back he remembered something. He wore these pants last Friday night and went through the exact same routine that he was going through now. So, Brian held the pants up and gave them another sniff, to really make sure. Still smelling fine, his confidence didn’t waver and he began to put them back. But wait! Just when Brian was putting them in his drawer he remembered he also wore these pants two Fridays ago! He remembered because last Friday he remembered remembering that. Getting frustrated, Brian gave his pants one final sniff to really be sure these pants could go another day. To his delight they continued to smell fine.

Brian has now decided to never wash those pants and only wear them for a few hours every Friday night.

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