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Man Falls in Love With Eleventh Liker

TROY, NY — We all know about that magic double-tap that takes your Instagram likes from usernames to numbers. A rising InstaFamous man in the small town of Troy knows this better than anyone after falling in love with his eleventh liker.

We sat down with the love struck Poland to hear his side of the story.

HippoThoughts: So tell us, what was it about this eleventh liker that was different?

Poland:  We all know if you’re the eleventh liker it’s extremely intentional, but it wasn’t just that. It was that she double-tapped with such extreme passion. Like, she wanted me to know that I could trust her with anything. It was really love at eleventh like.

HT: Of course, eleventh likers always know what they’re doing! And what was this eleventh liker’s name?

P: God she has the most beautiful name, @FreeBooty_69

HT: You’re blushing! We can really tell she means a lot to you.

Of course we tried to sit down with @FreeBooty_69 for her side of this magical love story, but she did not agree to comment nor does she exist.

It’s not every post that you really get to have that one-on-one moment with the eleventh liker as the usernames switch to numbers. Poland has spoken at several schools, galas and garage sales to raise the awareness of the eleventh like. Poland’s biggest piece of advice to the younger generation is, “Sure, you’ll swipe right on them, but would you give them their eleventh like?” He clearly isn’t afraid to ask the hard questions. This is a love story for the ages and something that the town should be very proud of. Congratulations @FreeBooty_69, Poland and the Town of Troy.


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