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Man Doesn’t Know If Bathroom Is Occupied Or He Just Can’t Open Door


LAKE CITY, FL—Looking like an absolute idiot at a public restroom in a local Panera Bread, James Anderson, 37, couldn’t figure out if someone was actually in there, or he just couldn’t open the damn door. James reported that he stood at that door for a total of 6 minutes before thinking there may not be anyone in there. When James first got to the door he tried to open it but it appeared to be locked. So he took a step back. However, after passing the 6 minute mark, he began to doubt himself. He exclusively told us that upon approaching the 6 minute mark he begun to think back to when he 1st tried to open the door. Maybe he just didn’t push hard enough and there actually was no one in there.

James eventually decided to attempt to open the door one more time, now with a little more force. When he still couldn’t open it, he realized there must be someone in there pooping. He began to wait again. Once he got past his 10 minute mark and a line started to form behind him, he again grew anxious. “Are you sure someone is in there?” someone on line asked. The fact of the matter was, James couldn’t answer confidently. He decided to try one more time. He grabbed hold of the knob and slammed into the door as hard as he could, hurting his delicate side. When the door wouldn’t budge, the whole restaurant looked and heard someone scream from inside the bathroom.

“Someone’s in here!”

James left Panera, went in the parking lot, and peed behind his car.

He regrets nothing.

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