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Lotto Ticket On Street Hopefully A Winner

NEW YORK CITY—This past weekend one single lotto ticket had many hoping it was a winner. The lotto ticket in question was spotted on the streets of New York City, of all places. Witnesses claim when they walked by the corner of 14th street and 8th avenue they saw it on the sidewalk. As each witness walked by they couldn’t help but wonder if it was the winning ticket they’ve been waiting for; the one that would change their life forever. Sadly, no one had the courage to pick up the poor ticket, leaving them to always wonder what could have been. Sources close to the lotto ticket say it was just another dud. However, that could be the jealousy talking. We sent a couple HippoThoughts correspondents to the corner of 14th and 8th to find the lotto ticket. They did not.


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