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Local Hunter Called “Ineffective” After Killing Two Birds With Two Stones

hippo-slingshotAPPLETON, WI—A local hunter of Appleton, Wisconsin was out hunting Monday morning with a group of his other hunting buddies. They all went out to the woods around 7:00am because they felt this sounded like a good time. You see, it is right after 6:55am, yet right before 7:05am. This time is frequently called, “7:00am” by modern day hunters. The group set up camp at their usual spot and began waiting.

It was just then around 7:36am that the local hunter saw two birds chirping in a tree. This particular hunter hadn’t hunted anything in at least 2 months and wanted to look good in front of his friends. He grabbed his first stone and a sling shot. Bang! First bird down. Clocked him right in the nostril. Just then he grabbed his second stone, aimed, and fired. Boom! Second bird followed suit. Hit the ground faster than Bamm-Bamm Rubble after stealing Adderall out of Betty’s purse.

Our local hunter felt proud of his accomplishment and so did his friends…at first. But then they realized something. Did he just kill two birds with two stones? Instead of killing two birds with one stone? They all began to laugh and ridicule him until he ran away crying.

We feel bad for the local hunter, but can’t help but think this is his own fault for hunting so ineffectively.

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