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Jennifer Aniston Not Answering Cast of Friends’ Group Texts

LOS ANGELES, CA—It has been reported that the cast of “F.R.I.E.N.D.S” has a group text that Jennifer Aniston doesn’t answer much.

Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, and David Schwimmer have had this group text with Aniston for over 10 years now. The cast reportedly formed the group text to “stay in touch” after the show came to a triumphant end in 2004. While the group is less active than it used to be, everyone still responds with light pleasantries to the occasional text. Everyone but Aniston, that is.

On top of that, rumors of a separate group text with just Aniston, Kudrow, and Cox have surfaced. Sources claim Aniston is an active participant. It has not been confirmed whether LeBlanc, Schwimmer, and Perry also have a separate group text.

We exclusively got our hooves on Matthew Perry’s iPhone to show you some screenshots. Samples are below:





































Firstly, we apologize for the green texts, as Lisa Kudrow does not have an iPhone. Secondly, the evidence is clear. Aniston ignores all group texts from her dear friends. Even when directly addressed, she stays silent. We hope the group can work out their differences soon.

All six cast members declined Hippo Thoughts request for comment. 

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