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Half-assed Halloween “Costume” Pisses Everyone Off.

vampire-hippoPROVIDENCE, RI—Statistics show that Halloween costumes are 96% more likely to be worn on Halloween, and Halloween weekend, than any other time of the year. We have a team of HippoThoughts researchers trying to discover what is responsible for that kind of staggering spike in people wearing Halloween costumes. In the meantime, however, news broke over the weekend of one costume that really sparked some controversy.

The city that gets to sleep at a reasonable hour, Providence, RI, hosted a slew of wild Halloween parties over the weekend. One, in particular, had a party goer who was dressed up as “a party-goer” and that’s about it. The costume consisted of the person’s regular clothes and a sign that simply read “party-goer” around their neck. A few people chuckled at the ironic display, but most were pretty much just pissed off. The brave and thoughtful costumed attendees suspected it was just a lazy attempt to get out of dressing up. The angry bunch took to twitter to voice their frustration. Some examples below:

tweet-1 tweet-2 tweet-3 tweet-4

As you can tell, we have blurred out the identity of these Twitter users/Angry Halloween fans to protect their privacy. As you can also tell, none of these tweets have gotten a single retweet or even mere like. But that doesn’t take away from the outrage they felt on such a great, well respected holiday.

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