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Girlfriend Ready To Change Contact Chad Tinder To Just Chad

CHARLSTON, SC—After meeting her boyfriend Chad’s parents, Cindy Grubbles, 23, finally decided it was time to change his contact info from “Chad Tinder” to simply “Chad” in her phone. Chad has reported wondering why it took so long. “I’ve been in Cindy’s phone as Chad Tinder a little too long for my liking. Honestly, I was hoping to get “Chad <3″ after I first kissed her,” Chad bitterly told HippoThoughts Correspondents. Cindy however, reportedly thinks she changed the contact at the perfect time. Here is the statement she gave:

“Chad and I have been together a few months. We didn’t have the best relationship and I wanted to wait. Coincidentally, changing his name is what ended up making us a stronger couple.”

Powerful confession from Cindy. Chad’s parents also reported a change in the couple since Cindy’s big step. “It seems like a weight has been lifted and their relationship isn’t as sh*tty anymore,” says Chad’s mom after observing them. Chad also reported feeling like he could actually love Cindy now that she has changed his name. It has done wonders for them as a couple. It seems like these two love birds may actually make it. When asked where they met, Cindy had this to say:

“My friend Jane set us up on a blind date.”

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