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Friend Shows Other Friend Hilarious Meme to Luke Warm Reaction


HOBOKEN, NJ—News broke in what some are calling the greatest disappointment since eating a bean sprout you thought was a noodle. A local friend from Hoboken, whom we will refer to as “Jenny”, for her privacy, saw what she thought was a hilarious meme Monday afternoon. When Jenny showed this “hilarious” meme to her friend “Jim”, all she got was a real-life, luke-warm lol. There’s no coming back after that. The “vibes” in the room became incredibly awkward. The two started questioning their friendship as a whole and wondered if it was worth continuing.

“I can’t explain how horrible it felt to show him that meme, a meme that made me laugh for a solid 3 hours, [est. actual time: 20 seconds] and get such a slap in the face in return. The meme is funny. It is. Wait, is it? No, don’t answer that. It is. It’s funny.”

HippoThoughts tried to get a sample of the meme in question but couldn’t. She was too fragile to show it to anyone else. Who could blame her? Rumors suggest it was a picture of a hand holding an orange with the caption, “Works Out Once” on the top. Oh my gosh, hilarious! So funny. Who knows what is wrong with “Jim” or why he didn’t laugh at this pure form of comedy.

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