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Floor Penny From Earlier Blamed For Man’s Bad Luck

WASHINGTON, DC—After finding a penny and picking it up, Wallace Robinson, 37, assumed the rest of the day he would have good luck. However, news reports indicate that unfortunately for Wallace, he had bad luck from there on out. Wallace picked up the penny and continued walking to work. On his way, he reportedly walked up to a stranger and called him sewer sludge. Through an unlucky twist of fate, the stranger decided to punch him in the face. What are the odds? Sources close to Wallace were in shock at just how unlucky that was.

Later that day when Wallace walked into his boss’ office, he threw a sales report on his desk and said, “Here you go you lumpy son of a b*tch!” His boss then immediately fired him. How much more of this bad luck could Wallace take?

Finally, when Wallace got home, he turned on his TV by throwing his shoe at it. The TV broke out of nowhere and that was the last straw for Wallace. He took the penny and drove to a nearby pond. Once there he dramatically threw it in and never looked back. He hoped to never to be cursed by it again.

The penny has declined HippoThoughts request for comment.


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