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Family Dog Relieved To Know Intruders Actually Welcomed Guests


CHERRY HILL, NJ—As person after person shuffled into the home of Buster, 6, for Thanksgiving dinner he became increasingly paranoid. Who were all these people? What did they want with his family? They seemed to bring weapons that they strategically sealed in casserole dishes. Buster knew he needed to protect his family at all costs, but he was kind of tired. He was ashamed as he just lay there drooling on the family rug, watching the intruders disrupt his home.

Eventually Buster began to notice that his owners were hugging and kissing the intruders hello. They even smiled and exchanged what he assumed were pleasantries as they took the casserole weapons. “Why are they being so friendly to these dangerous criminals?”, he thought. Without getting up from his spot on the rug, Buster began to look around and investigate further. He took note of some framed photos on the walls. “These intruders are posing with my family.” he noticed. “Look, there they are at the dog park with me!” It was then Buster began to realize these weren’t intruders at all. Just welcomed guests. As he realizes every year on Thanksgiving.

We tried to reach out to Buster for further comment, but he would not return our calls, nor does he have a phone we could call him on.

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