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Entire Nation Already Has Plans Friday


NATION—It has been reported that, unfortunately, the entire nation has plans Friday and can’t make your thing. The nation is aware that your thing on Friday is suppose to be an important event. However, as we reported, plans have already been made. The nation was set to attend your thing on Friday, but then suddenly remembered they already had plans that day. Some members of the nation even marked their rsvp as “going” on the Facebook event, and then changed it to “can’t go” days later. That must have been an awkward notification to receive a couple hundred thousand times.

Interestingly enough, this has been the case for several musicians and bands. Apparently these bands all suddenly have plans that day. Which they didn’t realize when they filled out their RSVP. We hear that Green Day doesn’t have plans and would love to attend your thing. However, Green Day may make better plans Thursday night and back out at the last second. All in all it has been officially reported that Friday is not a good day for the nation. As they have plans that day.

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