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Depressed Crescent Moon Too Shy To Show Full Moon It Truly Is

SOLAR SYSTEM— All alone up in the sky, a shy crescent moon won’t show the full moon who it truly is. It’s been reported that the crescent moon comes out at night and continues to hide parts of itself. Many witnesses have seen the depressed crescent moon when they look up at night. “I bring the trash out at night so I don’t have to do it in the morning.” one concerned witness expressed. There have been several efforts from local stars and planets to get the crescent moon to come out of the shadows, however none have been successful.

The local stars and planets have gone on record to say the following:

“The crescent moon is one of the best full moons we know. You can’t find a fuller moon than this crescent moon. I just wish it saw itself how we all see it.”

What a lovely sentiment from its peers. In addition to the above quote, HippoThoughts investigators have also obtained a photograph of what the crescent moon looks like as the full moon it truly is. However, they have not handed it over, “Finders Keepers” is what they said.

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