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Dad Comes Out As Someone Who Pees Sitting Down

hippoGOSHEN, NY—On Wednesday, January 11th, a local Dad decided to finally come out to his family as someone who pees sitting down. The decision came after the local Dad realized he was just so tired of hiding who he was. It all started one night at the dinner table. His family got into a conversation about peeing and how some people sit down, and some stand up. The local Dad felt awful they didn’t know the truth — that he is one of the people that pees sitting down. His son sent him a text and he decided it was time. We gained exclusive access to the text conversation below:



The local dad felt relieved his son knew, however, now he needed to tell the rest of the family. He sat them all down and made the announcement — that he actually pees sitting down, not standing up like they all thought. All their lives they thought their Dad peed standing up, but it turns out they were dead wrong. The local Dad nervously waited for their response, hoping they would understand. To his delight they literally could not have cared less. Some of them left the family meeting pissed off that they even had to have one. All things considered, this is a heartwarming moment the family got to share!

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