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Chicken Crosses The Enemies Off List Instead

CARTER, MONTANA— A local Chicken from the small town of Carter, Montana was finally able to cross the enemies off his list on Wednesday, April 13th. Chester the Chicken, 1, was sick and tired of crossing the road. So he decided to cross something else instead. One by one Chester added enemies to his list and then crossed them off. He reports the feeling to be liberating.

“I always heard of people making a list of their enemies and then crossing them off. At the time, I didn’t understand how that made them feel better— just writing a name and then crossing it off. When I finally did it for myself, I became a true believer of writing your enemies down and then crossing them off.”

Ever since Chester wrote his enemies down and crossed them off, the other chickens have reported a major change in his attitude. “He skips around the farm now. It’s weird because chickens can’t skip. We just can’t,” said one of his friends. Chester was eventually killed and stripped for meat and has declined to comment further. However, Farmer Joe did have a statement:

“Listen, I don’t have any hard feelings. I know he put me on his enemy list, but I forgave him. After all, I did murder his family and eventually him.”

Ted, Beth, and cows has declined HippoThoughts Request for comment.


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