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Breaking news: Grandma Scent Now Bottled and Sold at Sephora


BREAKING—It was just announced that Sephora has finally decided to bottle, and sell “Grandma” scent at their stores. Grandmas everywhere are ecstatic and relieved they no longer have to go to great lengths to all smell the same. It has been long understood that everyone’s Grandmother must smell the same, and this is something our Grandmas have taken very seriously. Even if that means sneaking into each other’s homes and rolling around in their linens. Finally they no longer have to bathe in musty moth old balls. We sat down with one Grandma for an exclusive interview on this developing story.

HT: So, Grandma. How do you feel about the news that Sephora will be selling a Grandma scent?

Grandma: I brought cookies, but I can see you’re definitely eating enough.

HT: Well, I’m a hippo.

Grandma: Sure, dear. Sure.

HT: I am, look at my ears

Grandma: Oh look how they wiggle. Very cute.

HT: See I told you.

Grandma: Do you know Jerry? I think you two would get along great.

HT: Um, no I don’t think so I….

Grandma: Oh, he’s a great boy, he just got a job as a realtor. You should give him a call.

HT: Sure. But Grandma, back to Sephora, how does this make you feel?

Grandma: You know who always smells good? Jerry. He just got a job as a realtor. I think you two would be great friends.

HT: Yes, but are you relived there’s an easier way to always smell like other Grandmas now?

Grandma: Who’s Grandma? Mine. Oh no, sweetie she died, oh let’s see, back in ’66. Wow, that was a long time ago. Johnson was president.

HT: Well thanks for your time, Grandma.

It’s clear Grandmas everywhere are celebrating this news. Pick up a bottle for your Grandma today, perfect for the holidays!

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