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Lady Bug Breaks Into Fifth Home This Week


SARANAC LAKE, NY—Around 9:03pm EST, on September 26th, a lady bug broke into the home of Mr. and Mrs. Buns. The Buns couple were sitting in their living room watching some sort of political debate when they heard a noise. Mr. Buns went to the house safe to get his shotgun when the noises grew louder. Just then Mrs. Buns screamed and Mr. Buns ran back to the living room to see the six-legged intruder crawling on his coffee table.

Around 9:33pm EST, about 30 min after the lady bug broke into the home, the first shot was fired. However, the experienced criminal managed to escape the gun shots and crawl into the kitchen where Mr. Buns was defrosting a steak. Fearing for his cold meat, Mr. Buns ran into the kitchen, shotgun in hand, only to see the lady bug crawling out an open window with none other than his beloved steak.

We sat down with Mr. Buns for a statement:

“The strength this lady bug exerted in my home was scary. Are all lady bugs this strong? All I remember from the attack was the vision of my darling defrosting steak being dragged out that open window. Sure I was scared for my wife too, but she’s fine, the steak isn’t.”

This is the fifth home invasion via lady bug this week and law enforcement does not seem to be doing anything about it. Since no police were on the scene we sent a Hippo Thoughts correspondent to investigate. Seems as though the lady bug crawled through a small space between the front door and the ground.

We are urging the community to keep this space closed at all times so lady bug intruders stop breaking into people’s homes.

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