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Angry Email Gets Lovely Out Of Office Response

BALTIMORE, MD—Finally bringing himself to do it, office worker Todd Kramer pat himself on the back for standing up to his “stupid jerk face” boss. “I’ve been working under this guy for 4 years and finally had enough of his sh*t” says Kramer.

The last straw came when Kramer’s boss sent him an email that said, “Adequate job in the presentation today. Good to know you can almost meet expectations.” Kramer lost it. Apparently he worked “super hard” on that presentation and did not appreciate his boss’ passive aggressive attitude. That is when Kramer decided to send his boss a very angry email in response. HippoThoughts has obtained the contents of the email:

“You son of a b*tch. I worked my as* off for that presentation. You better watch your back because I have some old Finding Nemo stickers in my drawer and I’m not afraid to stick them on you without your knowledge. I hate your stupid f*cking face. And the socks you wear are ugly. Thanks in advance, pr*ck. Todd.”

Kramer hit send and almost immediately got a reply back from his boss. His heart sank. “What have I done?” He thought. When he opened the email from his boss, this is what it said:

“Thanks so much for your note! It’s people like you that make this company churning everyday. However, I am out of office till the 27th! That doesn’t mean I love your note any less. Please contact Glenda in my absence for urgent matters. Thanks friend! Jim” 

Apparently, his boss forgot to deactivate his out of office response. Witnesses at the office gave the following statement:

“Todd had been talking about sending this email for awhile. I’m happy he finally got it off his chest, but his as* is fired for sure.”


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