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About us

Welcome to Hippothoughts.com. We are a very serious source for all things news. Since we are the only news source written entirely by hippos, we take our work very seriously. You may not know this but before 2016 Hippos were not allowed to write for news publications. It was an unjust law that our very own Hippo Lawyer fought on Washington to overturn. Luckily on August 22nd, 2016, our Hippo Lawyer was triumphant in his efforts to repeal the law. About a month later HippoThoughts was born.

Our Mission 

We want to show the world that Hippos have a voice in modern journalism. Hippos are considered by some as the underdog of the animal kingdom. Instead of shying away from this label, we want to embrace it. Our coverage of underdogs in the news is how we feed our families. We cover stories from small towns like Appleton, Wisconsin and New York City, New York. We remain steadfast and true to our motto: Hippos and underdogs alike deserve to cover— and be covered by— the news. 

*HippoThoughts is a satirical news source protected under the 1st amendment. All names and stories are made up. Promise.

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